FOOTBALL (Colorado) Key Dates 2017

FOOTBALL (Colorado)
August 14
August 14-15
No protective equipment, except shoes, jerseys & helmets
August 16
Full protective equipment and uniform permitted; no player-player contact
August 17
Full contact
August 24
First SCRIMMAGE or a zero week football game
August 31
First CONTEST Week 1

Number of CONTESTS
6man-8 games
8man/1A/2A-9 games
3A/4A/5A-10 games

6man-Oct. 21
8man/1A/2A-Oct. 28
3A, 4A, 5A-Nov. 4

October 28
November 4
8man, 1A, 2A Prelims-
November 11
3A, 4A, 5A –

6man-November 18
8man, 1A, 2A-Nov 25
3A-5A-December 2

Early Signing Day
December 20-22

February 7, 2018
National NLI often referred to as Signing Day

Committable offer!

Committable offer!?

In today’s world there are many parents that think they need to attend every camp under the sun. The fact is many people are being exposed by for profit entities that only want to get into parents wallets and not help kids. Many hustlers are promoting activities targeting the 3rd grade through 9th grade sports enthusiasts. A travesty because these events have no value and are revenue generators. These monies you are spending should be saved for college visits during the athletes sophomore to junior transition and/or most definitely the spring and summer of the athletes junior to senior year. The media often sensationalizes stories like youngsters being offered a scholarship as early as six grade and put on some arbitrary recruiting website. Even a younger golfer that can swing a club. All great achievements but rare instances that marketing companies thrive on to sell you their products after focusing on some rare talents that will of course turn your athlete from good to better. The fact of the matter is no college really is actively recruiting at such a young age. Especially since the body develops well past the teen years. However, It is different for the female athletes because they tend to develop quicker than their male counterparts. That is why you see soccer, volleyball and lacrosse players gain more attention and receive committable offers at ages 15, 16 and 17.  The common practice is for a rising junior in high school to be evaluated when headed into his or her senior year. However, now everyone is trying to fast-track their college programs into a winning program. So we are seeing many schools jump the gun prior to the national letter of intent day often called signing day to secure athletes.
In past years we always saw closers, these were normally the head coach that came to visit you at your home in order to sell you their college or university. Now the trend seems to be graduate assistants and player development departments that will identify you after obtaining varsity film on your athlete. Depending on the high school it could be a freshman or it could be a rising senior that is what leads to a lot of confusion. Many people feel they have to be on the radar at such an early age and the mere fact is many universities or colleges want to get to know you not only as an athlete but as a person. So it probably in your best interest if you research and attend three or four schools you really want to attend before you decide to go to 40 different camps over the course of two or three years. Attending multiple events shows most coaches interested in an athlete that you may not be interested in them and they will move off of you during the evaluation process because you are not committed to one program.
Many college coaches have stated probably the most important persons responsible for a student athletes success is the head coach and councilor. These names or persons are always requested on college questionnaires and they are part of the process of 4 years of high school.
The jury is still out about supplementing your progress with specialized training. Many question if athletes are starting too young and risk future injury. Also being away from your teammates and coaches who are trying to bond and form a cohesive unit. Often the agenda of a college coach is to seek quality athletes that buy into team work and have good character.
One college football coach said, ” specializing is not a requirement. We like multiple sport athletes. Also I never had to spend money on sit ups and push ups and had a hell of a core body. I get it but wouldn’t suggest spending large amounts of money outside the four walls of your high school. In recent years high school programs have upgraded facilities and have fine strength and conditioning staffs. Recreation centers are also a great source for FREE. But I get it, people need to be motivated and congratulated on a daily basis so that’s what you pay them for, motivation, I guess. Different from my day when it was about sweating your ass off with your brothers. Yes sir the dynamics are changing and I am not sure if it’s healthy in this me, me, me climate.”
Another confusing subject was moving away from traditional high school sports. While some coaches agree you are seeing better competition, many are saying otherwise. “Club sports, well it’s not fool proof. Often it’s the parents with the financial means that position themselves to gain notoriety. We might attend a couple heavily populated events to identify athletes. However, we use this information for our reporting to give to our staff members recruiting that area or state. We still believe in the high school model but will attend showcase events if we have some prospects that reach out to us, but we heavily rely on high school coaches for information.”
Another coach said, “Yes it is fine if you have a club sport reference or a personal trainer but sometimes that shows you are the ‘all about me’ recruit and function independently and not as a team player. Of course they will state how great you are, as that’s what you are paying them for unlike the high school coaches that are brutally honest.”
All in all the biggest reason many college coaches visit high schools is to determine how self-motivated athletes are and to strengthen relationships to evaluate the future athletes over time. The visits often include interviewing coaches and obtaining transcripts. In addition to invite athletes to their campus.This is part of the process to see how much you are dedicated to their schools and see if it’s a good fit. Many-times the process is a year long engagement with the intent of making a Committable offer!

There is a reason for 5 official visits and not 40. It only takes one coach to believe in you, So be patient and prepare for your future. Come up with a plan and remember one thing is for sure, hard work pays off and if you Ball they will Call!If the goal is to obtain an education then spend some time in the books by preparing for the college board exams. Those are the scores that matter for the 55-60 years after post secondary education and sports activities. Its about your future so start now!

#B18horns are heating up!! 🔥

are heating up!! 🔥 seems to be the mantra in #FOCO and in Denver, Colorado at JK Mullen. On June 13, 2017 The Mustangs saw its first commitment in A’Jon Vivens:

On July 21, 2017 the second Mullen Mustang and 11th Colorado athlete decided to join his teammate Vivens.

It appears the Rams of Fort Collins have struck Gold in Mullen. This will be the second year @CoachBobo_CSU @CoachMEnglish have secured talents from the Navy and Gold. The class of 2017 featured Christian Cumber, Marcus McElroy Jr. and Tanner Clem. On August 5th many will enter the new stadium in Fort Collins and will see the locker rooms with some local talents names and one thing for sure is the Mullen Mustangs will be represented.

It will be interesting to see if the Rams continue to recruit Colorado as there are some top tier players still undecided. One thing for sure is Colorado does not lack depth in 2019 and we are keeping a close eye on that group as they fast track the upcoming recruiting cycle. An early signing period of December 20-22, 2017 has propelled the efforts of the class of 2019. Most recently the #GWL (#GonzoWatchList) QB Ty Evans committed to Arkansas.

For more in depth coverage of local talents please follow @303Gonzo #GWL ( #GonzoWatchList )

Click here to see LOCAL ATHLETES COMMITTED 07/15/2017

Flo makes it 11 Colorado athletes committed to play next level.

Playing for school pride

Anyone who is an athlete or played sports as a youngster always dreamed one day of playing for the home team. In many cities that may be the local one and only high school or university with the ultimate goal of being on the roster of the regional professional team. As time goes on so do goals and the ability to be an athlete at the next level. However, sometimes so does the desire to play for pride of the home team. Many may ask why NOT play for the home team and it comes down to do they support their back yard. Over the past several years there has been criticism of the coaches from the local Colorado colleges and universities about talents leaving the state. The ones that got away will always be an issue in any state but in Colorado it seems to be a heated topic. Since 2015 @303Gonzo has been vocal on the topic and has made positive strides to identify local talents via the GWL (Gonzo Watch List) and present them to college coaches for evaluations. It is apparent when offers are extended and athletes visit to see if it is a good match. In an ever changing world the fact remains that high school students have more access and options to watch other teams out of state. Back in the day there were only a few options, local networks, to watch sporting events. So with cable and satellite television in addition to streaming options and apps the culture has changed and the desires for playing for school pride in the local team has diminished. In addition youngsters want to play for a winning team and quite frankly the passed decade has been brutally bad for the most part in local college football. Yes there have been some bright spots. However, the fact remains that each high school has players they think deserve to play for the local college and university, but when over the course of time players from out of state are perceived to be better, why would you not consider other options. They say it takes only one coach to believe in you and we are seeing college football coaches evaluating athletes at an earlier age and really getting to know their recruits. So it is no surprise when local talents feel that two way street and they commit. A few other contributing factors to commit may be parents who are alumni of the school or have a network in place at a particular school. If you examine years past like the high profile class of 2014 an athlete named Christian McCaffrey had both his parents attend Stanford and ultimately choose to be a cardinal. McCaffrey had offers from local schools, Colorado, Colorado State and Northern Colorado but like many others went out of state. The Class of 2015 saw Eric Lee choose Nebraska, followed by the Class of 2016 and Carlo Kemp and 2017 Dylan McCaffrey chose Michigan. As of today 2018 Adrian Jackson has committed to Oregon and 2019 Ty Evans Arkansas. So maybe the simple answer is the out of state coaches just recruit better. However, it could be the athletes just feel slighted in their hometown. What ever the case may be it is time for the local majors to focus on the hometown talents so playing for school pride will be as big as other states like neighboring Kansas, Nebraska or Oklahoma. Its time for Colorad fans of Friday nights to see athletes play on Saturdays and perhaps Sundays in a local uniform. While many dream of playing on Sundays they will be treated in 2017 as local product Christian McCaffrey will play for the Carolina Panthers this season. 

In the State of Colorado the class of 2017 saw these teams add local talents to their current roster:
Western State (30)
Colorado Mesa (28)
CSU-Pueblo (21)
Northern Colorado (11)
Colorado School of Mines (11) 3 walk-ons
Colorado (7) 4 walk-ons
Colorado State (7) 4 walk-ons
Air Force 4
Adams State 3
Fort Lewis 3
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So of the 271 players committed to playing in 2017 approximately 125 will stay home or about 46%. Meanwhile we will continue to hear about The ones that got away until we change the culture. The class of 2019 might be that group that impacts the four D1 local schools if that group decides to stay and play. Early signing day for the class of 2018 begins this December and the focus will turn to securing 2019 for early evaluations and official visits in the Spring of 2018. Stay tuned as we want to report the stay and play kids so it makes it more fun to watch Friday night stars on Saturday in their home state of Colorado as we have dudes that can play.

If you ain’t cheating…

The first time I heard the saying, “If youre not cheatingyoure not trying hard enough” was nearly 2 decades ago when I became involved in coaching Club Hockey. I chuckled at first but soon realized it was NOT about teaching the fundamentals of the game but trying to secure what was perceived as the best talents. Hockey is an expensive sport that includes lots of travel to play top tier teams in the region and nationally if you are good. However, at some point playing little league sport has to be FUN not work. After a few seasons it became apparent the sport was about whose parents could bank roll the team.

As time went on it was the parents that ruined the FUN as they wanted their way and would make sure management knew it was all about their kid(s). Today we call it entitlement by helicopter parents.  I call it sour grapes because the truths are exposed about the level of play, especially if its all about winning and not about having FUN. As time passed I picked up the whistle to coach Baseball and Football and soon learned it was not about a competitive balance but who could recruit better or sell traveling to beat the best. The problem is it was NOT the best,  just the families that could pay to play in different cities and make playing one sport about as boring as serving pizza, chicken fingers or juice boxes to youngsters. Oh and don’t forget participation medals for all to attend some lame tournament usually played on a holiday weekend.

Many of you may be wondering why this is relevant and the answer is simple, it continues in high school. The fact athletic directors, principals and coaches allow sports to dictate their culture is alarming. Yes many districts are not well funded but at what point do you do the right thing? We are still awaiting that answer as for decades coaches have bought into the statement“If youre not cheatingyoure not trying hard enough”. Basketball has been the subject of debate for years as inner city athletes were brought to the suburbs and eventually became more relevant in football. Now schools are legitimately turning their heads to closed attendance areas to allow talented little leaguers to attend their school. Perhaps it is about winning but maybe it is more about who will donate much needed monies to hang a banner in centerfield or in the rafters of the arena or the end zone of the field. Yes these are the monies needed to  pay for transportation, team meals, equipment and trainers. What is lost is the FUN of the sport. The fact is neighborhood kids want to play with one another and not be recruited and have to travel great lengths to play a sport. Also many loose interest in by the time they are 16 especially if they do not get playing time. The focus should be on obtaining an education and the opportunity to advance to college. However, society has placed too much of an emphasis on sports and we are alarmed when kids quit.

Yes they Quit sports, Quit life or Quit giving a darn because they have been told “If youre not cheatingyoure not trying hard enough”. So this attitude probably leads to them living in your basement because the etiquette and fundamentals were not taught by coaches to do their best and academia was not a focal point to have them advance as student athletes. Look at the colleges that have others take athletes tests or homework or even involve others in drug testing. Those same practices trickle down to high school. So being a model citizen might not be taught at a young age as many learn from examples. Anyone remember Barry Bonds?(*)by the HR title for PEDs. Now those designer drugs are readily available in high school. Perhaps he lived by the statement “If youre not cheatingyoure not trying hard enough”.

So the next time a parent or player tells you, hey lets go play at XYZ school, you shoud ask yourself, Am I cheating my family? Will my athlete advance past high school and is it worth lying and cheating for an address all because we want to wear a winning jersey. There are no guarantees in life, but if you are living by the statement “If youre not cheatingyoure not trying hard enough” you are the culture that has placed too much of an emphasis on sports, not academia or what is the best interests of the child.

Choose #Academia1st as it will get you further in life. It is the 60 years of post secondary education that will matter most long term.

Local Athletes COMMITTED 07/15/2017 UPDATE 7/24/17

Dimitri Stanley
ATH  6’0″ 178
Cherry Creek HS
Englewood, CO
COMMITTED 07/15/2017

Blake Stenstrom
QB  6’3″ 195
Valor Christian HS
Highlands Ranch, CO
COMMITTED 12/17/2016

Ray Robinson
S  6’2″ 205
Highlands Ranch HS
Highlands Ranch, CO
COMMITTED 10/23/2016

Flo McCann III
ATH 6’5″ 270
Mullen HS
Denver, CO
COMMITTED 07/21/2017

Spencer Lovell
OG 6’7″ 315
Rocky Mountain HS
Fort Collins, CO
COMMITTED 07/08/2017

A’Jon Vivens
ATH 6’0″ 180
Mullen HS
Denver, CO
COMMITTED 06/13/2017

Tate Wildeman
DE 6’6″ 230
Legend High School
Parker, CO
COMMITTED 04/16/2017

Adrian Jackson
OLB 6’2″ 210
Mullen HS
Denver, CO
COMMITTED 04/29/2017

Cameron Murray
S 6’1″ 175
Overland HS
Aurora, CO
COMMITTED 03/01/2017

Gunner Gentry
WR 6’3″ 200
Grandview HS
Aurora, CO

Max Borghi
RB 5’10” 195 4.40
Pomona HS
Arvada, CO
COMMITTED 06/29/2017

July 24, 2017
#12 in 2018 committed

#13 in 2018 committed

Isaac Power a US Army Bowl selection

Colorado has been fortunate to have athletes recognized over the years by some national outfits. Ponderosa will now have two that will have played in the US Army Bowl. The first is Chris Fox whom was recruited from Ponderosa (Parker, CO) in the class of 2013. He committed to Michigan on 2/18/2012. The 6-foot-6, 303-pounder was forced to take a medical scholarship due to injuries and is now a part of the program as a student assistant coach. (Fox and Gonzo post 2013 game in San Antonio, Texas.) In 2018 what appears to be the final US Army Bowl, sponsorship withdrawn, another Ponderosa athlete and kicker Isaac Power will play for the WEST team. The game features 90 high school athletes or 45 players per side in an East versus West format that will be televised on NBC on Jan. 6. The game is no stranger to Colorado athletes. Gonzo Watch List (#GWL) players include Cyler Miles the co-MVP 2012, Chris Fox , Christian McCaffrey, 2014 and Dylan McCaffrey 2017. Jake Moretti selected but injured for 2017. Adrian Jackson of JK Mullen has been offered both the Under Armour and US Army 2018 games. Issac Power #11 is a class of 2018 Kicker and Punter from 4A PONDEROSA HIGH SCHOOL in Parker, CO.

Rich mans gain/game?

We know athletes these days are getting bigger, faster and stronger. Unfortunately so do all the for profit companies ready to take your hard earned monies. Yes the pay to play all star games that are meaningless as it is not the best available athletes that play in these games. Just families that can afford to pay to attend. In addition to these marketing companies telling you how great you are they also sell your information to other companies like trainers, recruiting services, combine companies and subscription based entities. The common denominator is like the internet phishing, yes fishing to take monies out of your account on a monthly basis and offer little to no impact on your athlete. Many of these companies will tell you it is about exposure or that numerous college coaches that will be on hand to evaluate your athlete. The fact is many college coaches want athletes to attend their own camps and if you put the effort into them, they will evaluate you. So attending 40 camps and everything under the sun is really about being a “Selfie” and no one really cares if you attend 40 camps. Yes you can post it on social media but does anyone really care and does it scare off potential suitors? Imagine if coach ABC likes the athletes film and wants you at his college then sees multiple social media posts from a plethora of other universities. It could impact coach ABC because he figures coach XYZ might trump his efforts in the long evaluation process. Figuring out the evaluation process is fairly easy. The Varsity film, transcripts and attending the school of interests event like a junior day or camp is probably a path to success. Attending multiple events because you have the financial resources is like that little league coach that pumps his chest about his kids and has no regard for the other team members or their families success’. Too much individualism has occurred over the past 6-7 years and the team aspect has dwindled. So the rich mans gain has become his game of getting hustled on a daily basis. Yes eventually if you attend 40 events someone will notice you. However, for the vast majority it will be the student athlete that has a high score on the college board tests of ACT or ACT, a higher than average GPA and yes the varsity film that shows athleticism. So when you receive that email, social media tag or someone reaches out to you that is NOT a college coach just think about it and ask, is this in my best interest or are they hustling me? If you are a rich man and want to plan the game just remember do not wear an article of clothing from another camp or trainer to a college campus, rather wear your high school gear so the coaches can identify you and associate you with a high school. Most likely the college coaches know your head coach and can gain the necessary information to move forward of extending an offer. It is NOT a Rich mans gain/game unless you make it one. Trust the process!

College coaches want Updated VARSITY film

📽  so if YOU thinking next level?

Get a FREE evaluation by Submitting your information here⤵️


D1 or Bust!

Rocky Mountains – Denver, Colorado
Every year many athletes hit the roads to fulfill their dreams of playing next level football. The common error some families make is only attending Division I camps or schools. The Rocky Mountain region has been favorable to Colorado athletes. However, the fact is there are 50 states that get recruited plus Canada and a handful outside of North America. So the competition is rigid and the recruiting goes beyond the X’s and O’s during a year long evaluation period in many instances for many college coaches.


Traditionally July has been a dead month as many Division I coaches take vacation time as August starts the year long grind. However, recent activity within the NCAA has an early signing period to coincide with the 3 day JUCO signing of December 20-22, 2017 aimed at the graduating class of 2018. So this means the traditional teams that sandbag until the 3rd week of January may have to really recruit in November and December. A spike in Division II camps has arisen in June that normally happen in late July and compete with IVY league camps. Traditionally IVY, D2, D3 coaches focus on academic driven individuals that play the sport of football. Meanwhile the NAIA has 3 showcase events and like the Division III schools they just try to identify athletes and direct target them to attend their campus. In essence many families need to spread the wealth when attending camps and visiting colleges and universities. The best advice is to target 5-8 D1, D2, D3, JUCO or NAIA schools. Usually your high school has a system in place, naviance, to identify these schools. Both athletes and parents are provided with valuable information and what it takes to qualify to the school you are interested in attending. The savvy families will try to identify 3-6 schools and attend their campus post sophomore year and again post junior year. Therefore when September of the senior year the high school will be able to assist families seeking guidance and councilor support. Remember the journey includes your high school councilor, head coach, teachers, parents and of course the student athlete.  In addition to these individuals it is helpful to update your sports video profile, availability of school transcripts and college board exams namely SAT and ACT scoring. So the goal is to obtain an education. However, often the athlete is NOT a Division I athlete and dreams are shattered when August rolls around and schools have moved on to the next recruiting class. So if you have a mantra of “Division I or Bust” you might want to rethink and retool you travel plans for July and August.

In Colorado nearly 300 football players attend colleges to play next level. Usually 5-6% will obtain and maintain a Division I scholarship. So if you are not one of the Top 15 or 20 athletes post junior season it is time to shine in your final season of play. There are a few schools that only play athletes their senior year so film is limited. However, waiting until your senior season to be recruited probably means you are behind in the process unless you hit a tremendous growth spurt or are dominating the playing field each and every week. So athletes make the time to get your cleats on their turf as its NOT “D1 or Bust!” if you follow the process for success.


Max Borghi lights a firecracker

We have often talked to RB  of Pomona HS and one thing soon became very apparent, the correct fit. The verbal commit for CU Boulder has made a decision to go out of state.

#JoinTheHunt is his new motto as Borghi will be a Washington State University football player. Just check out this video:

Will you early and roll or wait until August
Early enroll
Look for a December 20, 2017 signing day and January enrollment for the talented athlete.