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303GONZO.COM 2019 PREPS SPOTLIGHT: Columbine preps reporter & www.Blogtalk“Gonzo” Darrell Gonzales spotlights high school football teams. Team profiles will focus on teams making strides across Colorado and #GonzoWatchList players in the state. Starting July 31, @303Gonzo will unveil the @303Gonzo Top players to eye, leading up to kickoff on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Head Coach – Andy Lowry

How they fared in 2018: Overall 12-1 League 5-0 National Rank 126 State (CO) Rank 4 A tough playoff game loss season, 10-7 to Creek.

2019 Regular Season Schedule:

Date Opponent Notes
8/30 7:00p
Location: Denver East High School
9/5 6:00p
Location: Ponderosa High School
9/13 4:00p
Location: Fountain-Fort Carson High School
9/19 6:00p
Location: Columbine High School
9/20 7:00p

Location: Highlands Ranch High School

9/27 7:00p
Location: Olathe North High School
10/4 6:00p
Location: Mullen High School
10/10 6:00p
Location: Columbine High School
10/18 7:30p
Location: Columbine High School
10/24 7:30p
Game Details: NAAC Stadium
10/31 6:00p
Location: Arvada West High School

Biggest storyline: Depth! The perennial Rebels had arguably the best team in 2018 and fumbled it away with less than 3 minutes left in a game against creek, a team that was inferior but got lucky and made it to the title game. The big fellas are NOT upfront like in past years and two way play is most probable. Most notably is the junior class looks to be about 12-15 players so the pressure is on in 2019 and the seniors.

Names to watch this season: #12 Jadon Holliday QB, #17 Justin Lohrenz DE/TE, #24 Tanner Hollens RB, #29 Adam Harrington RB, #32 Braeden Hogan RB, #75 Andrew Gentry OL.

Biggest holes to fill: QB and OL. Two way play.

Gonzo’s Early Take: Tossing the rock has never been the Rebels strongpoint but maybe all that 7 on 7 should be a focus down the stretch in 2019. Columbine has a new starting QB in Jadon Holliday that was part of a group that grew up together playing little league for the South Jeffco Rebels. This team won 5 out of 7 carnation bowls (D1) all played from 2nd to 8th grade. So that was a history lesson and its 4 years later since the last trophy! The transition from little league to high school and the Rebels via defensive coordinator Holliday, was easy as they ran the Columbine offense as kids. The nucleus of this group is Andrew Gentry, a D1 talent, Tanner Hollens, Luke Folsom, Braeden Hogan, Mikey Sanchez, Justin Lohrenz and a handful more of their current starters. So Holliday knows the playbook and system backwards and forward. He also started a couple of games in 2018 when Logan D had surgery. (University, FL and Fountain Ft. Carson). He may not be as dynamic as Logan D and few people are but Holliday can manage the game as good as any of the previous quarterbacks if he keeps working at it. For now we most likely will see the talented trio called the triple H backfield as Columbine is a run heavy offense. The QUAD H should be the game plan if a State Title is the goal. A well balanced run attack with a strong passing game gets the job done. Just ask Valor about the 2014 title game where the huck and chuck ball was a difference maker in a run heavy offense.

#GONZOWATCHLIST to be featured in August Football magazine. List prepared in February for Spring evaluations. Feel free to follow us all season long:

Today is the day, your future? #SigningDay

Putting Ink to paper is what is happening today, December 19th and will conclude 3 days later on Friday 12/21. Often referred to as signing day it is actually the (NLI) or National Letter of Intent. A binding agreement between the athlete and their parent(s) that make it known where they are attending post secondary education and sport. Today it is all about football and the young men in Colorado. The smiling faces are to be enjoyed.

Not everyone has the opportunity to stay in their home state to stay and play and that has been a sore subject for parents and fans of the local college teams. Below are the official decisions based on players social media and college football teams sites. We appreciate your continued support so enjoy the following listing:
Montana State
Hayden Isenhart (Grandview) 5A

Cole Oster (Castle View) 5A

Brad Roberts (Ralston Valley) 5A

Dominick Pallotto (Cherry Creek) 5A

Joe Davis (Valor Christian) 5A

Alec Pell (Cherry Creek) 5A

Austin Johnson (Highlands Ranch) 5A

Jake Wiley (Eaglecrest) 5A

Kyle Helbig (Holy Family) 3A

Cian Quiroga (Valor Christian) 5A

Aidan Cullen (Palmer Ridge) 3A

Wind Henderson II (JK Mullen) 5A

Corey Tate (Denver East) 5A

David Hoage (Smoky Hill) 5A

Jon Nuschy (La Junta) 2A

Elijah Anderson-Taylor (Eaglecrest) 5A

Kurt Gallup (Aurora Central) 4A

Michael Thompson (Aurora Central) 4A

Ben Schneider (Ralston Valley) 5A

Carson Brantley (Cherry Creek) 5A

Zach Rush (Fruita Monument) 4A

Michael Thompson (Aurora Central) 4A

Hadyn Steffens (Rocky Mountain) 5A

Ryan Capasso (Broomfield) 4A

Trey Cardenas (Loveland) 4A

Ethan Drewes (Skyline) 4A

David Ross (Pomona) 5A

Jeremiah Blackwood (Vista Peak Prep) 4A

Erich Bendel (Fairview via Milford Academy)

Theorius Robison Sep 15 (Pomona) 5A 2-sport
It appears he is a wrestler

Cole Parrott (Columbine) 5A

Kain Medrano (Pueblo East) 3A

Ty Evans (Palmer Ridge) 3A

Luke McCaffrey (Valor Christian) 5A

Michael Lynn (Cherry Creek) 5A

Kiahn Martinez (Regis Jesuit) 5A

Billy Pospisil (Pomona) 5A

Alex Padilla (Cherry Creek) 5A

Aiden Kneller (Cherry Creek) 5A

Drake Nugent (Highlands Ranch) 5A

Barrett Miller (Eaglecrest) 5A

Alijah Bates (Doherty) 5A

Isaac Townsend (Ralston Valley) 5A

Colin Lavell (Legend) 5A