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Tag, NOT IT!

In normal times, pre covid-19 this would be a heavy month of college football coaches bumping into players at their high school. The infamous evaluations period that was scheduled for April 15 through May 31, 2020. Unfortunately the video conferencing has become the new normal to be introduced to coaches and take over on campus visits. However, is this really a substitute for recruiting?
Most likely not but better than nothing or the annoying list almost every college buys to send you camp invites or to purchase season tickets. Let’s face it the university wants your dollars even if you never make it to the fields or courts.

The odds of a high school athlete completing 3-5 years of a sport are truly against the odds. Primarily due to the rigorous schedules and heavy work load in the classrooms. Early enrollment and summer school is now a must and burnout ensues for the guys that were all hype and can NOT cut the mustard next level. The 18-25 new faces every year make it challenging in addition to the transfer portal as more experienced plays are determined to win a job by any means necessary. The deck is stacked against student athletes that have little discipline. A wake up to be in the trainers office by 5am and practices at 6am with meetings can last past noon. So that reason you are there called a post secondary education can last well past 8pm. In addition tutors and a good nights rest. Yep, the rigors of a student athlete is cumbersome and complicated.So no social life outside of team and heavy demands to be in tip top shape to be the next man or woman up.

So how do you get to post secondary education?
Well for starters it is NOT some trainer, handler, coach or someone else tagging you name, profile or video(s) daily or hourly to colleges. Some of the biggest misconceptions is that individual position coaches actually read, view or respond to emails, IMs, DMs, etc. The big schools have people on staff to filter the noise, spam or content considered junk. So, if you really think that low, low payment of $239 a month or more has value, RETHINK IT! The recruiting companies, APPS, websites and trainers are out to make money! its their business to make money and blow smoke up your ass! That is a guarantee. 99.9% sure if you stop payment, stop attending or rip up a contract the HYPE they call recruiting goes away like dust in the wind. If you ain’t paying you ain’t getting hyped any more.

Years ago coaches had a long tenure and players were cultivated organically. Eventually the pressure to win became increasingly more demanding to attract paying students. The University of Miami is a prime example in football and UNLV in basketball. The wins, bowl appearances and limelight causes HYPE and REVENUES. The coaches have gone from $25,000 to $300,000 in annual salaries in the past decade. So do you really think they are concerned with being tagged on social media?
The smart answer is NO because they want to keep their jobs as they are well paying nowadays. The modern day HYPE in recent years dwarfs the past decade whenless communication was transmitted and of more value or quality.

Fast forward to 2015 and the plethora of backyard gyms, trainers, handlers and boosters willing to pay to play. Even the high and mighty Hollywood actors that scammed their way into elite schools. Some musicians children or former professional players all because the Universities knew they could leverage donor monies. Yep, fields, field houses, practice facilities and buildings need to be erected so if you have a fat wallet or sizable bank account odds are you might be recruited as opposed to someone deserving. The coaches reliability on word of mouth now has red tape associated to an offer or camp invite. Some schools will even make sure a player or two from the local market are on the roster to sell the fan base season tickets. Yes it happens and why many colleges align with a handful of dominate or winning programs so they can say we did our due diligence when in reality its a favor to save face.

So the biggest resolve is are we making this more difficult or complicated than it needs to be and the answer is YES, emphatically! The offers are just a way to get you to pay for a summer camp and prove yourselves. These camps are where they can eyeball and get true measurements rather than rely on self reported height, weight and statistics.
Are you really 6’3″ and measure barely measure 6 foot.
Is that 4.62 40 yard das a true assessment or is it more like 4.95-5.10?
Are you 100+ tackles true and if so why during team camp are you NOT making plays?
After all that is the medical record checks for not only broken bones but concussions or learning deficiencies. If you can not learn in the classroom, how are you going to be eligible?
College board exams of ACT and SAT need to be verified alongside a high school transcript with the intention of are you going to be eligible on game day?

So Tag, you NOT it has meaningful purpose, wake the fuck up and spend your hard earned monies wisely! The going collusion rate for a position trainer is $499 a month with a 12 month contract, rain, shine, snow or pandemic. So for you non mathematicians that adds up to $5,988 per annum or $23,952 if you get suckered for 4 years. The same sum most post secondary students pay for local tuition to get that education and can enjoy the college experience without having to sacrifice their time or bodies of potential life long injuries.

Parents don’t believe the HYPE as no one person can guarantee a division one scholarship no matter how many social media tags they post about your child! The monies you pay are to a business person to line their pockets. Some will resort to placing advertisements in magazines, host a podcast or even buy air time waits for no one! Hustle your ass bou on the radio to create HYPE on their paying clients. In fact there are a handful of subscription based media advertisers that have ranking lists and will write a story on your children if you have been paying for a few years. Yes the click bait is real annoying as film does NOT lie but trainers do. The basic reason is so they can hustle you for the almighty American dollars once a month for 12 months! As for 7 on 7 guys, that is the ultimate hustle for monies when colleges do not even care or plan to watch that film as its on air or not true football. Better time and monies could be spent on hoops for a vertical or rugby for tackling and even track and field for speed. 7v7 is a money maker for HYPE guys and only a couple do it for the cost of the helmet and uniform. A vast majority do it for revenues like $60,000 per team deposited into their pockets, especially the cash based hustlers!

It truly is a game so Tag, NOT IT!

Do your Job @CHSAA

Do your Job @CHSAA

in the midst of the worst or a resurgence. May 7, 2020 marks 57 days since the NBA shuttered its operations. Tonight the NFL will release a projected 2020 season schedule including playoffs and a February Super Bowl.

For safety & competitive balance reasons, the CHSAA commissioner should advise membership clubs of protocols required to reopen their facilities & universal date(s) to commence Fall, Winter and Spring activities for the 2020-21 school year.

Saying that they have been in contact with Colorado Governor Jared Polis for weeks regarding how to proceed is a cop out!

Protocols should be in place that include professional temperature checks by the schools nurse of schools employees, coaches, volunteers, trainers, visitors & participants including parents, etc.

During the summer the association needs to continue to talk about the steps required for players to return to the facility, school gyms or fields and additional training camp(s) both local and over 10 miles based on safer at home recommendations.

In addition rethink games outside the 10 mile footprint to preserve the Governors safety and health recommendations should GAMEDAY commence in late August or early September.

In some communities the nuclear families include grandparents, parents and siblings under one roof. Exposure rate is higher in some districts and communities that need to be considered as voluntary participation resumes during the NON School year, summer.

YES coaches you are in THE VOLUNTARY STAGE prior to bylaws that state specified dates for official protocol. Unfortunately these dates via PDF have been deleted from the CHSAA website causing more ambiguity.

Meanwhile, players have been participating in virtual OTAs through video conferences like zoom meetings and following social distancing guidelines. Some unscrupulous assistant coaches, parents, volunteers or students have avoided phase one recommendations based on Governors orders and need to be reprimanded with future sanctions. Guidelines need to be addressed and followed for unity.

Current uncertainty only confuses the entire statewide population especially with rogue persons disobeying the Governors expectations and protocols by CHSAA.

Phase two of four will commence on or before May 11, 2020. A ruling on gyms may provide insight into the future. Meanwhile what is leadership at CHSAA doing to ease tensions between the haves and have nots or the honest schools and coaches versus the traditional unethical. The head coaches sure know how to distance themselves to avoid self imposed sanctions but the time is to police the members who violate others. This should not be a function of the athletics director but a third party without alliances to a person or school entity.

Solve the uncertainty. Move forward in a positive mindset and direction. Explore options for the entire statewide organization and association of schools and punish people, persons who do not follow the guidelines and rules.

Smaller schools are finding it hard to compete. The age old arguments of private schools raiding their talents is obsolete. Regrettably, it’s the current poaching players within districts. Also districts employees NOT fact checking physical addresses rather documents filed. Again if a third party was hired it would probably benefit the equality of competition and organic growth to improve the current dysfunctional attendance area concerns and discrepancies on some schools rosters.

The time is now! Earn respect of your peers. Strategize, take ownership to REGULATE and do your job!