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6A a conundrum

The proposed 2022-24 CLASS 6A tabled in May 5th meeting.

Only ONE team was granted a lower classification, 5A in Doherty thus leaving 33 teams in the soon to be rubber stamped 6A for the next two year cycle. But wait, it was NOT just about 6A, there were other classes upset with the landscape of Colorado high school football.

Oh my gosh there are other classes outside the current 5A?


In the past decade no one in Colorado or even the region if they have cable television would know any of the nearly 300 football teams based on coverage. It has and continues to be about a handful of teams being featured by local outlets, namely its organization, CHSAA. One staffer has a nest at Valor during Eagles games while the other rarely attends anything outside of Denver Metropolitan. Just look at game log stories on their internal website.

In 2012 Valor moved into an independent conference because nobody wanted them in their league or conference. Especially after throttling Pine Creek 66-10 in the 4A Title game at Mile High stadium. The 2011 team was so punishing that Littleton (1-9) forfeited in the regular season for fear of embarrassment and setting the program backwards.  LHS is on its third head coach since that season and has mentioned playing at the 1A level or at minimum 2A. The team was winless in 2021 Spring season and has not won a game in five years and only 17 dubs in 11 years. ZERO wins in four years and spring 2021 was to be against LIKE TEAMS but its a telling tale amid all classifications that the football committee needs to wake up, smell the pigskin and really give ALL CLASSIFICATIONS an honest look to develop the future.

Do away with the mantra of being a Top 5 nationwide program like a California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana or Texas. The harsh reality is the Box State is in a region with less population and not a lot of top tier talents even with more people moving into Colorado.

Stop having your staffers attend paid trainers gyms, 7on7 practices or events to cave into the hype. Do your own research by attending games on Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays and report on what you see not just box score finals.

Anyone that listened to the highly successful and top rated Friday night 10pm to midnight radio show in 2015 or 2016 and the Blogtalk via podcasting in prior years via @303Gonzo knows it takes a lot of time and dedication to the sport and covering all the fields not just a handful!@303Gonzo changed the reporting of polls on Tuesdays to Mondays after posting Top10 on Saturdays. After all when you watch multiple games per night it is easy to access players, teams and rankings, PERIOD!
While the focus was primarily to rubber stamp 6A and thus impact the other classifications, it should be noted there were determined individuals doing what is/was in the best interests of the kids and their high schools.
As you peruse the proposed 6A tabled for December, ask do these teams really need to be grouped together?
Are more running clocks necessary?
The highest classification will remain 5A in 2021 season. However, in December the topic of 6A will be discussed but as it stands for ratification here is the list:

    • Arapahoe
    • Arvada West
    • Brighton
    • Castle View
    • Chaparral
    • Chatfield
    • Cherokee Trail
    • Cherry Creek
    • Columbine
    • Denver East
    • Douglas County
    • Eaglecrest
    • Fairview
    • Fort Collins
    • Fossil Ridge
    • Grandview
    • Highlands Ranch
    • Horizon
    • Lakewood
    • Legacy
    • Legend
    • Mountain Vista
    • Mullen
    • Pine Creek
    • Pomona
    • Poudre
    • Ralston Valley
    • Regis
    • Rock Canyon
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Smoky Hill
    • ThunderRidge
    • Valor Christian

A travesty only ONE team was granted a lower classification of 5A versus 6A in Doherty when a vast majority should have been approved a lower class. The approved 33 teams in the soon to be rubber stamped 6A for the next two year cycle should be as follows in conference play.

  1. Fort Collins
  2. Fossil Ridge
  3. Poudre
  4. Rocky Mountain
  5. Brighton
  6. Denver East
  7. Smoky Hill
  8. Horizon
  9. Legacy
  10. Lakewood
  11. Arvada West
  12. Mountain Vista
  13. Highlands Ranch
  14. Douglas County
  15. Chaparral
  16. Rock Canyon
  1. Chatfield
  2. Mullen
  3. Arapahoe
  4. Legend
  5. Castle View
  6. ThunderRidge
  7. Pomona
  8. Fairview
  9. Eaglecrest
  10. Grandview
  11. Cherokee Trail

The following are the powerhouse teams that should just play one another in a Home and Away Games to test Algorithms of spreadsheet football of (#RPI, #MaxPreps, #Packard, and the biased coaches poll).

  1. Valor Christian
  2. Regis
  3. Ralston Valley
  4. Pine Creek
  5. Cherry Creek
  6. Columbine

Best news is the football committee is back to polling its members but coaches need to be vocal as they know how their 3 levels of FR/JV/V will shape up come 2022 and 2023. Perhaps a recommendation can be made for December 2021 for a vote in February 2022. Championships will be completed and transfers in January 2022.

The time is now! Earn respect of your peers. Strategize, take ownership to REGULATE and do your job!


Arguably the best football in Colorado followed by 3A. Both classifications garner little respect from the membership they pay monies into for lord knows what. Maybe an appearance to Mile High Stadium but not 3A. No televised games and streaming only because of an advertising company. More BIG TIME games in this conference that represents the box state, all four corners especially talent rich Western Slope. But be quiet otherwise their talented players might be told to enroll at a Greenwood Village HS for promises of being recruited D1.
The biggest jolt to the multiple teams and coaches in 4A was that for two years Pine Creek will be allowed to play 5A and automatically qualify for the postseason in the lower classification. FFC held the 5A spot in previous years and is a team rebuilding so 4A fits their needs.
Another reason ENROLLMENT numbers is archaic but so is the football board whom fail to respect the 12-18 year old kids they try to represent. Recall we almost did NOT have a Fall season until a handful of people organized and prevailed. Some teams were given unfavorable playing schedules because they opposed the association. The children were pawns and conveniently their teams punished with unfavorable matchups or travel.
In other news an HC had to have his lips removed from the associations Keister after his lipstick rubbed-off the wrong way in social media postings and his team did not have a favorable outcome. Someone should gift a cheese of the month club based on his constant whining and politicking.
Unfortunately the Aurora and Denver public schools were forced into season “C” thus 6 teams will compete in 2021 and posing the question, Why not let them transfer since the association failed the kids?
The local network media does not really understand the magnitude of 4A as many send their children to 5A schools and have a bias towards those schools. Hopefully the media folks unpeel the layers this season and travel outside their bubble! Fuel is cheap these days and we do not need a handful of people at one game or one field so cover the four corners an hour or so from your headquarters.

2020 4A Pine Creek over TBA, well why not? CHSAA already gave them a pass by playing up in 5A only to play down in 4A post season. Nothing against a talented 4A Pine Creek. However, can you imagine if 2011 4A Valor Christian or 2010 4A Valor Christian was given this opportunity?
25 years of 4A football title winners.
2019 4A Pine Creek/Broomfield 34-3
2018 4A Loveland/Skyline 62-14
2017 4A Pueblo South/Pine Creek 25-14
2016 4A Pine Creek/Broomfield 36-14
2015 4A Windsor/Loveland 35-14
2014 4A Pine Creek/Longmont 45-20
2013 4A Pine Creek/Montrose 49-14
2012 4A Monarch/Denver South 17-14
2011 4A Valor Christian/Pine Creek 66-10
2010 4A Valor Christian/Wheat Ridge 38-8
2009 4A Heritage/Longmont 42-28
2008 4A Wheat Ridge/Greeley West 35-31
2007 4A Pueblo West/Monarch 21-14
2006 4A Wheat Ridge/Loveland 31-15
2005 4A ThunderRidge/Grand Junction 51-21
2004 4A ThunderRidge/Dakota Ridge 35-29
2003 4A Loveland/Fruita Monument 34-13
2002 4A Monarch/Golden 42-35
2001 4A ThunderRidge/Broomfield 7-3
2000 4A Loveland/Fruita Monument 17-12
1999 4A Green Mountain/Skyling 42-6
1998 4A Rampart/Sierra 35-20
1997 4A Hinkley/Grand Junction Central 62-42
1996 4A Wheat Ridge/Greeley Central 21-20
1995 4A Green Mountain/Centaurus 31-17

Silver Creek
Greeley West
Greeley Central
Bear Creek
Dakota Ridge
Standley Lake
Wheat Ridge
Air Academy
Fountain-Fort Carson
Mesa Ridge
Pueblo West
Vista Ridge
Grand Junction
Fruita Monument
Grand Junction Central
Palmer Ridge
Cheyenne Mountain

2020 will play on but differently on the field and in the stands. Locker rooms will be closed and reminiscent of little league. As for the 4A classification odds are the championship will be between Pine Creek the modern day version of 5A Valor Christian and a JEFFCO team. However, the WESTERN SLOPE will be competitive!

Dakota Ridge is probably the most underrated team in Denver metropolitan area where neighboring school garner attention and many focus on A.s like 5A. Dakota Ridge was one play away from the state title game. JEFFCO has dominated the past decade as a school district but not in State Titles. Expect Palmer Ridge to dominate competition as well as 2019 runner up Broomfield but Vista Ridge is the most underrated team in 4A!

The post season remains about the four algorithms that dictate the post season numbers, seedings, etc so now more than ever coaches poll is important. Stacked or heavily recruited players to certain teams will have an advantage. Depth is the key! There is two top rated QBs in this classification and some big bodies or the guys with measurables of 6 foot four (6’4″) or more getting recruited. The better football is probably 4A or at minimum 3A. Should be a great season “A” in 4A!

Preseason Top 8 because 10 does not matter
1. Vista Ridge (Pine Creek* plays 4A post season)
2. Dakota Ridge
3. Palmer Ridge
4. Montrose
5. Broomfield
6. Fruita Monument
7. Pueblo West
8. Loveland

Quarterbacks, rather lack of guys with quality reps will be the storyline in 5A. Transfers out of state will hurt some teams but DEFENSE will carry the teams to postseason. In an awkward year that has Colorado return to the gridiron in October, the fact remains 5A is overhyped as well as its recruitment next level. The association uses its media partners to focus on this classification and the othe six classifications get SHELLACKED!
There are plenty on unknown names on teams not in the Top 4, 6, 8 but they do not appreciate at the high school association that runs the show in Colorado. A travesty of master proportions!

See y’all on the fields!
@303Gonzo two fingers, peace out!