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Over a half decade ago I received numerous rejections from several radio, print and television outlets but this one motivated me the most!

“We do not dedicate time to fully support it (Prep Football), and traffic (visitors), other than basketball, shows there is little interest, there is little reason to support your efforts and we wish you well.”

Since then I was able to host a very popular Friday night radio show in two markets statewide, develop a podcast and provide more features for a website, collaborate on 5 recruiting Colorado events and go live on social media to provide breaking coverage and the experience of live coverage instead of giving up!

Thanks to many and mostly friends whom I do this for that are unfortunately unable to attend games or want the daily or in depth scoop when others do not believe there is value for prep sports other than a one liner days later and a dollar short.

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We are aware a few others have or will enter coverage this season and our content will be used and why you will see © on may posts. It might mean copyright but we say give us ©redit! via our terms and conditions.

The most interesting topic will be how networks cover Colorado. Recently I was told, “Colorado football is about 5A and nothing else. Probably 3 teams! However, we are tired of getting phone calls from viewers complaining we do not cover their son or team.” So get ready for a heavy dose of 5A from many others or coverage of former athletes kids as has been the bias for years rather than statewide talents.

The grind continues for one more season as the #GWL THE #GonzoWatchList has helped college coaches identify kids to invite to camps to evaluate. On more than one occasion these led to opportunities that included financial assistance to further post secondary education and athletic endeavors.

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GONZO WATCH LIST Anderson-Taylor

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Elijah has come a long way since little league! Anderson-Taylor was considered a linemen for years and benefitted from playing on a no patch 8th grade team that gave him an opportunity to be in the backfield and prepare him for freshmen HS football. Anderson-Taylor also was one of 23 players on the inaugural @303Gonzo selected 6th grade Team Colorado. Elijah has benefitted from some great coaching and will be a key player on an Eaglecrest team that will play in arguably one of the two toughest conferences in 5A. Having a new coach in his senior season will be something to follow. But for now check out these highlights:

The Gonzo Watch List is prepared based on watching numerous games and how the players stack up statewide. Often we will retweet the players posts on offers and special awards. As we approach the 2018 season. A special Thank You to players that participated in the photo shoot and flashed the 303 in photos used with our media partners and are available for purchase.
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