No 6A Football=busted dreams

The Golden goose has been cooked! Nearly 2 years ago the football committee had an opportunity to fix the imbalance of powers and failed miserably. Thus the disparity we are seeing in 5A has complicated all 7 classifications. The groupings often termed “waterfall” is the product of bad decision making and improper forward thinking. So the indecorous has resulted in absurd travel, exhausting travel and depleted football budgets that have fans wondering how can it be fixed in the next 2 year cycle.

For many you may recall when 6A was a part of Colorado High School Football for 4 years, 1990-1993. Here is a flashback of whom won it all back in the day.

The glaring thing is 3 of 4 teams are still dominating the current highest classification of 5A.
1993 6A Overland beat Northglenn 44-13
1992 6A Boulder  beat Pomona 10-9
1991 6A Cherry Creek beat Arapahoe 14-0
1990 6A Cherry Creek beat Montbello 14-0Yes 6A had been part of the Colorado landscape but the time to return has been lost. The combination of low participation and inability to field 3 levels of football teams in addition to stubborn decision makers 2 years ago has forced the paradigm of predictability. In 5A football the same 6 teams are competing in round 2 and round one is almost as bad as the 32 team format of years past. RPI has been a joke as has been the dash for cash as gate revenue determines matchups and playoff home teams. The FUN of football has been exhausted because of scores that have jokingly been termed, “Basketball on turf.”

6A will not happen but should as history shows these 6 teams should compete in a home and away series and beat up on one another to come up with a true champion. Thus RPI will not matter and playing the little sisters of the poor to ramp up scores and statistics will not occur. The records being broken are an absolute laughing-stock! Any true fan does not look to a website or predict outcomes of games because of statistics. Its an utter joke when kids are demanding more playing time to increase their stats while underclassmen stand on the sidelines gaining no playing time. Many will say it is because of the pressures of recruiting or some other nonsense. What is lost is the fun of the game and a brotherhood. All for one and one for all has become the ME, ME, ME as we see on social media daily. So the 6A opportunity has been lost for quite sometime. The only hope will be a competitive balance in the next 2 year cycle. Currently the only shot of winning a 5A state title will be attending one of the 4 schools that will be playing on Thanksgiving weekend.

Trust “The Process” only valid if you put forth the efforts!

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