5A to be rubber stamped on January 25, 2018 ?

Everyone agrees the last two years in 5A was painful as Waterfall led to gift wrapped conference titles from former Centennial and Jeffco teams. On D day December 7, 2017 the proposal that most likely will be rubber stamped on January 25, 2018 is troublesome again. The “10” conference may as well be” X”¬† for excommunicated as they are participants in 5A. These are big enrollment number schools with teams rebuilding and trying to compete. Smoky Hill played predominately sophomores on varsity because area schools have scalped their better players. As is the case for FNE as plenty of attendance area athletes find ways to enroll in closed districts. Meanwhile Boulder continues to field a varsity and freshmen team as participation is very low.

So as you review the 6 conferences they appear to be localized and concentrated in one geographical area. However, upon further review it is apparent the balance is not there again and both “Metro East” and “Metro West” are just new names for the Centennial and Jeffco leagues of years past.

We agree not much can be done with “North” unless a couple teams from “Metro West” wanted to swap for some odd reason. However, “South” should have Castle View in its conference because of its location to rival Douglas County and a better opportunity to win games if that is the goal of the football committee. That would allow Regis Jesuit to move into “Metro East” to align with neighboring schools. Therefore, Arapahoe would be better suited in “Metro South” as those schools are a stones throw away from one another. At least 5 of the 6 conferences would be more competitive than most likely the current 2 out of 6, maybe 3 out of 6 but that is a stretch. Anyone whom thought the televised games were slanted get ready for the next two years with the current proposal. Again 2 conferences will be desirable but the focus will be on powerhouse non conference games.

RPI will be interesting again but will favor 2 of the 6 conferences unless they manipulate (OW) own wins to 50 or 60%. So prepare for more random conference games that nobody cares about.

Listed below are the 2017 team records and the 6 proposed conferences. Teams in Bold are the recommendations mentioned that should be swapped out for competitive balances. The bottom line numbers are wins and losses of the entire conferences proposed to play in the 6 divisions.

Class 5A
Fairview 10-2 Pomona* 12-2 Regis Jesuit 10-2 Valor Christian* 11-1 Eaglecrest 13-1 Far Northeast 6-4
Horizon 6-4 Columbine* 11-2 Chaparral 7-4 Highlands Ranch* 6-5 Grandview 10-2 Northglenn 5-5
Legacy 6-4 Lakewood 8-3 Doherty 7-3 Mountain Vista 5-5 Cherry Creek 9-3 Mountain Range 4-6
Poudre 6-5 Arvada West* 7-4 Legend 5-5 Rock Canyon 5-5 Overland 5-5 Rangeview 3-7
Fossil Ridge 2-8 Ralston Valley 6-5 Fountain-Fort Carson 4-7 ThunderRidge 3-7 Cherokee Trail 4-6 Boulder 3-7
Rocky Mountain 3-7 Mullen* 5-6 Douglas County 3-7 Castle View 1-9 Arapahoe 3-7 Denver East 2-8
Prairie View 1-9
Westminster 1-9
Smoky Hill 1-9
Adams City 1-9
Conference W/L
33-30 49-22 36-28 31-27 44-24 27-73

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