Gonzo Watch List Billy Pospisil

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Nearly 3 years ago a sophomore shined in a zero week game that featured Pomona at Mullen. The 5 foot 10+ WR had the game of his life and was on the radar for @303Gonzo that eventually became a permanent #GonzoWatchlist athlete. On a team that many knew because of team mate Max Borghi it was no surprise Billy was arguably the best slot statewide in Colorado. After a successful 2017 camp season and State Title the young Pospisil committed to the Cougars. Moving into his senior season he will have a new QB for the first time in 3 years but a familiar face tossing the rock to him, as the QB took over after an injury to Pomonas starter. If you follow Colorado football you know Pomona will be a top 10 team in 2018 and ready to compete. Check out Billy’s highlights.
A big feat for any talented athlete is to get offers and commit prior to their senior season and look what happened in February:

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While many writers will spit out stats rather than watch the film or attend games thus we will rely on MaxPreps to record numbers while we tell you whom to watch during the season. Billy was named the ALL @303GONZO 5A team in November 2017.
The Gonzo Watch List is prepared based on watching numerous games and how the players stack up statewide. Often we will retweet the players posts on offers and special awards. As we approach the 2018 season. A special Thank You to players that participated in the photo shoot and flashed the 303 in photos used with our media partners and are available for purchase.
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