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The season ended for a majority of the statewide classifications during the final weekend of October and week 10. Gone is zero week so week 11 has 5 classifications playing competitive football and playoff games. The confusion of 11 weeks has many wondering why and it is simple, 5A added 8 more playoff teams. The fortunate 16 at each classification are playing both in week 11 and in week 12. However, our selected players are based on regular season games. Over the course of the summer and during summer 7 on 7 @303Gonzo saw some area talents air it out. Conversely the big men competed in Hog wars. Football is not about a few weeks for @303Gonzo rather 24/7 and 365 days which includes  season wrap up with signing day.
Over the years we have published some top player lists in addition to #TheGonzoWatchList (GWL) which has been lots of FUN! This is NOT a list about whom will be #D1 players but more about players that made their team better on any given Friday night, well game day as their were plenty of Thursday and Saturday games. So each day we will continue to populate a few game changers until the list is complete. Feel free to DM, text or email your film or thoughts. 5A had several players that could be played in various positions. They are represented in their primary position but if we played a game they might be moved for the best interests of the team like Special teams.
Freshmen of the Year:

Gavin Sawchuck Valor Christian High School HR, CO 5’10” | 160 Freshman Graduates in 2022

Yahir Chairez-Salazar – Fr
Greeley Central (Greeley) MLB Freshman Graduates in 2022

Player of the Year:
2A Jon Nuschy (C)
3A Noah Roper – Sr Erie
4A Jeremy Hollingsworth – Sr Skyline (Longmont)
5A Aidan Atkinson – Jr Fairview (Boulder)

Coach of the Year
5A Tom Thenell  Smoky Hill
4A Wayne McGinn  Loveland
3A Al Melo  Harrison
2A Ty Buderus La Junta

5A  Offense 1st Team:
Dylan James ATH Eaglecrest Sr. 5’8″ 158
#16 Pierce Holley QB Lakewood Sr. 6-2 190
#19 Lance Opp WR Highlands Ranch Sr. 6-1 195
#3 Elias Borjas DB, WR Lakewood  Sr.
#3 Chris Mceahern WR Arvada West Sr. 6-0 180
#6 Trustin Oliver WR Legend Sr.
#23 David Ross WR, CB Pomona Sr. 6-2 185
#19 Bryce DesJardins WR Fairview Sr. 6-0 175
#8 Jordan Billingsley Grandview Sr. 5-8 185
#44 Obasanjo Sanni (C) RB Smoky Hill Jr. 5-8 175
#25 Dakota Key RB, OLB Legacy Jr. 6-0 162
#26 Spencer Lambert (C) RB, CB ThunderRidge Sr.5-9 190
#25 Cade Bruckman Grandview Jr. 6-4 210
#5 Angelo Vattano FS, SB Rocky Mountain Sr. 5-10 150
#87 Hayden Isenhart DE, TE Grandview Sr. 6-4 230
#66 Evan Durbin T Columbine Sr. 6-4 290
#65 Thomas Rames C Arapahoe Sr. 6-0 200
#63 Jaden Walker G Highlands Ranch Sr. 6-2 250
#60 Dylon Holdren C,G Pomona Sr. 6-3 270
#60 Jacob Konarski (C) DT,G Mountain Range Sr.6-3 295
#75 Zach Heckman G, T Fossil Ridge Sr. 6-4 275
5A Defense 1st Team:
#24 Chris Petrides OLB Arapahoe Sr. 6-2 180
#5 Cole Oster OLB Castle View Sr. 6-1 210
#3 Alec Pell OLB Cherry Creek Sr. 6-4 215
#54 Ethan Zemla MLB, TE Valor Sr. 6-3 225
#32 Wilson Bialecki MLB Mullen Sr. 5-10 195
#22 Ethan Frasier (C) MLB ThunderRidge Sr.6-1 220
#1 Jaylin Graham DL Jr. Denver East 6-3 185
#73 Zach Gonzales NG, DT, LS, OL Arapahoe 6-1 315
#12 Brody Rule FS Highlands Ranch Sr. 6-0 175
#2 Geno Macias OLB/SS Regis Sr. 6-1 200
#20 Q Jones RB, FS, SS So. Fountain Fort Carson 6-1 165
#15 Sean Roberts Cherokee Trail 6-1 180
#29 Chase Lopez DB, ATH Jr. Valor 5-11 175
#21 Corey Tate DB Sr. Denver East 6-1 170
#14 Nic Lopez RB, DB Sr. 5-10 167
#46 Sean Bowerfind MLB, TE Fossil Ridge Sr. 6-0 195
5A Special Team:
#1 Malik Sparrow Sr.Cherokee Trail (Aurora)
#5 Triston Burkett ATH,WR,SB Poudre Jr. 5-11 190
#1 Liban Shongolo ATH Adams City Sr. 5-11 180
#20 Q Jones RB,FS,SS Fountain Fort Carson So. 6-1 165
#6 Thomas Harries FS,WR, Ralston Valley Sr. 5-8
#2 Henry Blackburn P, DB, ATH Fairview Jr. 6-1 187
#32 Casey Knutsen P,SS, RB Fossil Ridge Sr. 5-11 180
#52 Cole Parrott DL, LS Sr. Columbine 6-3 25

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Note: This is about whom performed well at the high school level over the course of 11 weeks or 10 games, NOT who is projected to play next level or has offers. Also it is NOT based on Hype just flat out performances on the field weekly.


I am aware others troll @303Gonzo This List was produced in early November after game 10. So if you are seeing similar names elsewhere it is conceivable they are athletes that were noticed. However, there are many that will look to the above list to reference their subscription based websites or other post season awards that occur in December.

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