Under further review: @chsaa fumbles hopefuls in return to Fall season!

Under further review:
@chsaa fumbles hopefuls in return to Fall season.
The high school football community over a holiday weekend of Labor Day were excited to hear Fall football was to be discussed with the Governor during his Tuesday online press conference.
Biggest issue was the failure of Colorado High School Athletics Association (CHSAA) to present proper actions in detailed proposals. Four inept plans were submitted without regard to the makeup to align with the Governor office guidelines.
CHSAA never diversified or was aligning with sanctions of 175 participants. Failure in accountabilities to produce a proper replacement plan or well thought out position or solution has resulted in a return to the future hopeful Spring season. Progress was all conjecture and nothing serious, at least on paper to the Governor. Shamming the student athletes after days of saving face online and blaming others came to a rapid halt Tuesday late afternoon. Coaches went to social networking media outlets statewide saying,
My AD just said looks like football will be staying in the spring. Prepare accordingly.
Good business leadership presentations were successful like casinos that were apparently approved for 500 patrons in addition to the following venues.
The NFL Denver Broncos are anticipating pods of 175, about 33 to host approximately 5700 fans in a 77,000+ seat stadium with social Distancing and contact tracings. About 150 half price tickets will be available so fans not out priced.
An APP was revealed during the Tuesday presser. It was necessary that the company boardrooms listened to do the right things and service their paying clients. The ones that listened and put pen to paper, rather fingers to keyboards gained approvals.
The biggest winner is the Denver Broncos Football Club of nearly 7.5% of capacities in the stands for the first home game with fans in game 3 on September 27th. Monday night football on national television Prime time 8:10 MST will have NO FANS but nearly 30 people in essential roles for GAMEDAY.
Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison has 5 days of live music of 175 patrons during September 16-21. Neighboring Bandimere Speedway will have the same hours of patrons in the Jefferson County district when it returns to action.
The Colorado Rockies should they choose to allow fans in stands For the final homestand of September 11-20 will follow similar pod plans. Rumors are the Rockies will be cost cutting staff payroll and defer a return to patrons in plastic seats. The MLB team is below .500 (20-22) with the talented division LA Dodgers in the lead.
Giving people chances over the past six months has been the Governors focus. Board members and/or leadership ultimately gave birth to control fans in stands statewide and establish a return to new normality.
Governor left the door open to increase numbers for fan engagements. Also stated to CHSAA by Governor Polis a meaningful statement,
“As long as it doesn’t interfere with getting back to school, we would be thrilled to work with @CHSAA if their Board chooses to move in this direction tonight to approve a fall schedule for CHSAA-sanctioned football, to give our athletes a chance to compete.”
Thus 180,000 student-participants, 363 voluntary members schools, and 178 school districts across the state are again disappointed after a weekend of encouragement and hope. A press release from CHSAA officially killed the dreams and hopes about 10:30am MST.
Bottom line is it probably won’t be fixed in six months. Time to grow and rise and continue with club sports.

See y’all on the fields!@303Gonzo two fingers, peace out!


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