Do your Job @CHSAA

Do your Job @CHSAA

in the midst of the worst or a resurgence. May 7, 2020 marks 57 days since the NBA shuttered its operations. Tonight the NFL will release a projected 2020 season schedule including playoffs and a February Super Bowl.

For safety & competitive balance reasons, the CHSAA commissioner should advise membership clubs of protocols required to reopen their facilities & universal date(s) to commence Fall, Winter and Spring activities for the 2020-21 school year.

Saying that they have been in contact with Colorado Governor Jared Polis for weeks regarding how to proceed is a cop out!

Protocols should be in place that include professional temperature checks by the schools nurse of schools employees, coaches, volunteers, trainers, visitors & participants including parents, etc.

During the summer the association needs to continue to talk about the steps required for players to return to the facility, school gyms or fields and additional training camp(s) both local and over 10 miles based on safer at home recommendations.

In addition rethink games outside the 10 mile footprint to preserve the Governors safety and health recommendations should GAMEDAY commence in late August or early September.

In some communities the nuclear families include grandparents, parents and siblings under one roof. Exposure rate is higher in some districts and communities that need to be considered as voluntary participation resumes during the NON School year, summer.

YES coaches you are in THE VOLUNTARY STAGE prior to bylaws that state specified dates for official protocol. Unfortunately these dates via PDF have been deleted from the CHSAA website causing more ambiguity.

Meanwhile, players have been participating in virtual OTAs through video conferences like zoom meetings and following social distancing guidelines. Some unscrupulous assistant coaches, parents, volunteers or students have avoided phase one recommendations based on Governors orders and need to be reprimanded with future sanctions. Guidelines need to be addressed and followed for unity.

Current uncertainty only confuses the entire statewide population especially with rogue persons disobeying the Governors expectations and protocols by CHSAA.

Phase two of four will commence on or before May 11, 2020. A ruling on gyms may provide insight into the future. Meanwhile what is leadership at CHSAA doing to ease tensions between the haves and have nots or the honest schools and coaches versus the traditional unethical. The head coaches sure know how to distance themselves to avoid self imposed sanctions but the time is to police the members who violate others. This should not be a function of the athletics director but a third party without alliances to a person or school entity.

Solve the uncertainty. Move forward in a positive mindset and direction. Explore options for the entire statewide organization and association of schools and punish people, persons who do not follow the guidelines and rules.

Smaller schools are finding it hard to compete. The age old arguments of private schools raiding their talents is obsolete. Regrettably, it’s the current poaching players within districts. Also districts employees NOT fact checking physical addresses rather documents filed. Again if a third party was hired it would probably benefit the equality of competition and organic growth to improve the current dysfunctional attendance area concerns and discrepancies on some schools rosters.

The time is now! Earn respect of your peers. Strategize, take ownership to REGULATE and do your job!

Masked Association #COpreps

The global virus COVID-19 has us all scratching our collective heads. However, the conundrum now becomes how the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) group will demand or police restrictions during their stated June 1 stance. You are seeing push backs by numerous membership schools but that is nothing new. Same schools continuously recruiting and finding addresses for out of districts kids.

CHSAA has a role because they govern the classifications, participation dates along with practice times and playoff to state championship schedules, dates and locations. The worse has yet to come without a vaccine for the virus COVID-19  but the slowdown favors the wealthy and big schools.

Missing Spring college evaluations for class of 2021 football players during traditional April 15-May 31 periods hurt the well awaited process for success for players with three years of playing time. Teams were forced to alter their spring conditioning and are competing with unscrupulous trainers disrupting team bonding, OTAs or video chats and overall team bonding. The selfish selfie generation is feeding into the me, me, me without regards to teammates and position coaches. Honest coaches that are a part of this membership call CHSAA want the group to clarify and address or answer who can do this or that or what when and where. Ambiguity says it all as some districts are ruling as early as Monday May 4th while others are saying, June 1, July 1 or August 1, 2020. So BROAD INTERPRETATIONS!

It is harmful to all but who is going to sign off?

Who will address these communications between classifications, schools, sports and the families being harmed while trying to use sports as a subside to a post secondary education. Further harm and disruption will probably result in a law suit.

The obvious is some type of normal functions need to be addressed sooner than later. Especially a cease and desist from assistant coaches holding trainings or using dads to train or even paying via booster clubs to raise monies to pay trainers in a loophole in CHSAA BY-Laws. If the group called CHSAA cannot provide relief why would any  school or coach want to be a member of the association that has NO BALLS?

A change in the current dynamics needs to be the narrative, otherwise the opportunity to play out of state will be the storyline by mid summer. Currently 11 states are lifting or have no stay at home orders. The pressure is on CHSAA and an avoidance of a class action lawsuit.

See ya on the fields…