Preseason final rankings

Making the 24 team playoffs in Class 4A or 5A should be obtainable for many teams if a complete season transpires. Participation awards for all! Yes 42* teams will compete for 24 spots. *Actually 41 in 5A and 43 in 4A with Pine Creek playing a 5A conference schedule again in final two year football cycle.

Enrollment dictated classifications and most likely will again in December 2021 meetings for the next two years cycle after athletic directors and coaches demand “LIKE COMPETITION” and data from lower levels suggest they are correct in competitive balance. History shows us the future. 10 years ago in 5A on-air @303Gonzo stated 5A will be all about two teams in Valor Christian (VC) and Cherry Creek (CC). Both have aggressively navigated the state and beyond to secure talents on game days. When you win the kids want to adorn the jersey! Thus 5A has become the HAVES versus the HAVE-NOTS both monetarily and in overall competition. YOU CAN NOT BLAME THE KIDS, Its the parents, coaches, athletic directors and the association for allowing this behavior and claim self-policing is the solution.

The impact has been a trickle down effect as the 4A is absorbing the same mantra in efforts to build an instant winner versus coaching and developing over four years in high school. Home grown or attendance area talents are rare in the top classifications just like multiple sports athletes as horizontal sport and training has dominated the landscape to secure a starting position. The fact that kids do not want to waste their lives training 365 days to maybe make the final 8 is more evident than ever before in football. Sports has no longer a leisure activity but a business. BIG BUSINESS for many preying on kids and parents to get recruited when academic monies are more widely available. At the end of the day until rosters are posted or printed this is the Top 5 teams expanded to Top 10 that should be viable for 10 games in both 4A and 5A. Pedigree has nothing to do with the rankings or coaching changes just what has been 2-3 years to get to the 2021 season.

4A 3.0 Update 08/25/2021

  1. Palmer Ridge
  2. Dakota Ridge
  3. Broomfield
  4. Loveland
  5. FFC
  6. Montrose
  7. Pueblo West
  8. Vista Ridge 
  9. Windsor
  10. Erie

5A 3.0 Update 08/25/2021

  • 1. Valor
  • 2. Cherry Creek (Loaded Up Again)
  • 3. Columbine
  • 4. Ralston Valley is the team to watch in Jeffco and has DEPTH
  • 5. Grandview 
  • 6. Legend 
  • 7. Fairview 
  • 8. ThunderRidge
  • 9. Arapahoe
  • 10. Eaglecrest/Regis

August 26-28, 2021 Week 1 start to 2021 Colorado football season formerly zero week now called week one.

December 15-17, 2021 1st official day to sign NLI for three days until April 1st the last for scholarship athletes.

The time is now! Earn respect of your peers. Strategize, take ownership to REGULATE and do your job!

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88 & out the gate…

Here we go again, better competition is out of state and a chance for head coaches to compare their knowledge of the game against the skill of Florida. (*) Game played at the Austin-Tindall Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. A comprehensive listing of games updated on both HUDL and Maxpreps. However, content only as good as the data input from staff members. If your game was omitted please DM.

AUG 26 — Greeley West at Belen Jesuit (Fla.) *

AUG 27 — Dakota Ridge at First Coast (Fla.) *

The Lutheran Lions (St. Peters, MO) vs. Lutheran (Parker, CO)

SEPT 2 — Ralston Valley at Freedom (Fla.) *

SEPT 3 — Smoky Hill at Windermere (Fla.) *

Valor Christian at Oaks Christian (Calif.) 

Valor Christian ESPNU 8pm MST

SEPT 9 — Columbine at Faith Lutheran (Las Vegas)

SEPT 10  — Cherry Creek at Chandler (Ariz.)

Eastside Catholic (Wash.) at Valor Christian ESPNU 8pm MST

Preseason polls via coaches inconclusive due to lack of participation. Others use algorithms and are flat out antiquated!

Based on first place voting one can tell how many voted. It is apparent nobody really cares about the “Coaches Poll” or algorithms like MaxPreps that has ties to the activities association. It is ironic since it counts for 25% of the final four measurements for post season seedings. Making the playoffs in 2021 Class 4A will be quite a bit easier this year as long as covid19 does not uphold the season like 2020. Parallel to 5A the field will include 24 teams. Many will argue eight is enough and @303Gonzo concurs. Like wild card points more than a half decade ago of 32 teams all it does is expand or extend another game. 9 games were normal so a 10th was nice but not necessary. The obligatory game just confused fans and had poor attendances. Bottom line is if you ain’t in it to win it, why play an unnecessary game that bumps into another winter sports practice season or adds risk of injury.

Two versions of @303Gonzo Preseason poll have been published. The third will be ready prior to Kickoff 2021 August 26, 2021. Injuries and transfers might not be published but rosters should shake out this final weekend of August. Hidden players will finally adorn jersey numbers and Varsity, JV or FR status. Enjoy FREE content on the platforms of 303Gonzo on all social medias.








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