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Verbally committed for early signing day, NLI?

The Class of 2021 has grown up during the era of pay to play all star games, combine trainings, personal trainers and handlers. All of this in the past decade or so to compete to be the best in their state which is Colorado or is it? Yes some homegrown talents have bolted the fine state of Colorado for greener pastures or so they think.  An alarming trend to position themselves where no one knows their name in hopes that maybe they will shine if surrounded by better talents. The box state genuinely produces 4 or 5 top recruits each year and may stretch to 10. The only issue is longevity as many next level players succumb to the realities of being a student athlete and its rigors on the mind and body.

On Monday June 15, 2020 the local talents reached ten verbal commitments for players scheduled for local statewide play in late August or early September. Week one of eleven to commence August 27-29, 2020 and basically 10 weeks away. For this week we are sharing the verbal commitments scheduled to make it official as early as December of this year.

Luke McAllister Palmer Ridge (Monument, CO) PRO Colorado State Hard Commit – 11/20/2019 6-4 / 187 Palmer Ridge (Monument, CO)
Tanner Arkin Fossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO) TE Colorado State Hard Commit – 5/12/2020 6-3 / 215 Fossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)
Justin Michael Poudre (Fort Collins, CO) OT Colorado State Hard Commit – 5/7/2020 6-5 / 260 Poudre (Fort Collins, CO)
Chase Penry Cherry Creek (Englewood, CO) WR Colorado Hard Commit – 1/29/2020 6-1 / 185 Cherry Creek (Englewood, CO)
Beau Freyler Pine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO) S Iowa State Hard Commit – 5/17/2020 6-2 / 195 Pine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)
Jake Rubley Highlands Ranch (Highlands Ranch, CO) PRO Kansas State Hard Commit – 1/1/2020 6-3 / 205 Highlands Ranch (Littleton, CO)
Brayden Wood Fairview (Boulder, CO) SDE Kansas State Hard Commit – 6/15/2020 6-3 / 257 Fairview (Boulder, CO)
Sam Hart Cherokee Trail (Aurora, CO) TE Ohio State Hard Commit – 12/30/2019 6-5 / 225 Cherokee Trail (Aurora, CO)
Gus Zilinskas Cherry Creek (Englewood, CO) OC Rutgers Hard Commit – 5/21/2020 6-3 / 263 Cherry Creek (Englewood, CO)
Trey Zuhn Fossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO) OT Texas A&M Hard Commit – 2/2/2020 6-6 / 300 Fossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)
Kaden Dudley Palmer Ridge (Monument, CO) ATH Oct 23, 2019: Commit Colorado Buffaloes 5-11.25 / 190 Palmer Ridge (Monument, CO)
re-open 3/23/2020
(Played in Colorado)
Jack Howell Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO) FR, SO, JR ATH Colorado State Hard Commit – 5/7/2020 6-0 / 190 Hamilton (Chandler, Arizona) SR


Jake Rubley will join former little league teammate Brayden Wood in college as both are scheduled to attend Kansas State.

Colorado State has about wrapped its 2021 recruitment class up and were bullish in box state talents. QB Luke McAllister, down south and in the FOCO area prospects Tanner Arkin and Justin Michael. In addition a 3 year player in Colorado currently in Arizona is Jack Howell. The family lived in FOCO prior to 3 seasons at Valor HS. His father John is a Ram alumnus from 1996-2000 and won a super bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

10 of the dozen mentioned above can now focus on the hopeful season. Anticipate a few more to declare by July unless those official visits are a must to get a feel for the next 4-5 years of post secondary education. Heritage HS in Littleton has a couple players looking to pull the trigger soon. So time waits for no one! Hustle your ass bou will tell as the big boards in college coaches recruiting rooms or virtual chats are filling up.

NOTE: Most players North of 6’3″

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