Easy solution to 6A Football Proposal

Under the current 5A proposal there would be 5 divisions of 6 teams that would qualify 23 teams for post season play. In addition 1 of the 10 teams in the so called development league that wins the division is the 24th team selected for post season. Thus 24 teams would make the post season. A suggested top 8 would play for a 6A title while the remaining 16 via RPI ranked 9-24 would play for a 5A title.Many will argue that 5A would be a gift for one of the 16 teams that probably would never play for a title as for decades only a handful of teams have won the 5A state title. Adapting the new 6A  classification awards a subpar team an opportunity in hopes of more participation in a declining participation sport of football.
Alas, the idea to create better competition and clarify in advance might be to juggle the current conferences that make better sense from a competitive standpoint. In the current 5A proposal it is ridiculous that Arapahoe is in the Metro East when clearly Regis Jesuit should be the obvious selection for geography. However, they sandbagged to be in an easier conference.  Arapahoe would be better suited in the Metro South to replace Castle View. The South would absorb Castle View so all three conferences would have natural rivalries geographically.
As for Valor, whom no one wants to play, could slide into either the Metro East or Metro West. Overland most likely would be the casualty unless Arvada West or Mullen decided to play 4A. Even a Poudre to 4A might make sense.
In the end the easy solution to the 6A Football Proposal would be to have the following teams identified as 6A prior to the season:

  • Columbine
  • Pomona
  • Ralston Valley
  • Cherry Creek
  • Eaglecrest
  • Grandview
  • Valor Christian
  • Probably does not matter but front runners would be Fairview, Cherokee Trail or Legacy.


6A or 5A its the same results!

4 years of 6A in Colorado and the beginning of the end of football participation

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