@303Gonzo Pre Season 2019 Poll 5A #COpreps

@303Gonzo Pre Season 2019 Poll 5A

1 Columbine
2 Eaglecrest
3 Valor
4 Ralston Valley
5 Fountain Fort Carson
6 Pomona
7 Creek
8 Grandview
9 ThunderRidge
10 Fairview/Highlands Ranch

Many might be lazy and vote Valor and Creek 1 and 2 but really, why?

Columbine had CC on the ropes last season in the playoffs and the Rebels should have advanced. Regardless, both teams have new starting QBs as do most 5A clubs. Again Valor slipped by Grandview to the title game and the Eagles are without a veteran QB while the Wolves may stay status quo behind center.

RV is that salty team in the Northwest that runs the ball and is hard to defend. Again they have some good looking dudes and are one to watch. Pomona starts a new QB and has a solid OL but needs to rely on two way play and be healthy down the stretch which killed them last season. They look to rebuild and play youngsters.

The big shocker for some might be FFC but boy howdy! The linemen are impressive and this group is coming into its own. If they get a little love you might get to know the guys we have featured on www.303Gonzo.com They continue to have talent and just need to come ready with their whooping sticks each week.

Creek is Creek and loaded up again in their expanded attendance area but look to a new QB on a talented roster of defenders. Then there is Grandview that needs to put 4 quarters of football together to advance. Some may say this is a down year but if they can shore up some offensive playbook and use their TEs they might add a new dimension to their “O” and score more in crunch time.

TR has a good looking QB and some new additions and for a neighborhood team if they can bond as a unit and focus on the internal grind they could compete. Hell they beat Fairview in 2018.

Speaking of FV, with a dynamite QB, but in high school football of air raid you need defense. Look at the Legacy game last season and if you were in attendance that was a close contest until the end. Lots of talent on the “O” but unless something changes they might not make it past round 2 in the playoffs in 2019.

Highlands Ranch is that team that is going on 5 years of hype and needs to put it all together in year 6, PERIOD! The background noise is gone and most likely another new HC come Fall but this is a club that needs to play like a team. The 2016 playoff loss to Columbine 21-17 looms large with this Falcons group in addition to being located across the street from Valor that continues to win both on the fields and in the expanded attendance areas.

Conceivably this is a 3 tier ranking system in this Top team list. However, in 5A this is a year where all the teams have opportunity to win STATE. Yes the decline and lack of depth is a reminder of 2012 when Cherokee Trail lost to Valor 9-0 as many teams suffered injuries down the stretch and the heavy favorites laid an egg. 5A has become a 5 tier system and finding 16 quality teams has been interesting the past few years. Now for the second straight season we will be subjected to a 24 team playoff format and be waiting for the fallout of subpar teams to get pounded for one more week. The final 8 is when many will chime in but until November we have to see the season unfold on opening weekend August 29-31st. The hope is for some teams to shock us all as it has been a relatively boring 15 years in 5A Colorado high school football.


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