Coaches poll se fue

One of the four de factos to be put out to pasture per sources is the Coaches Poll. In Colorado high school football the determination to gain a spot into postseason relies on various algorithms (Coaches Poll, MaxPreps, Packard and RPI) all that no one real understands. In fact the human determination exists in the Sunday seedings that are often scrutinized because they are manipulated to obtain better gate monies for the association that keeps the postseason revenues to pay their salaries. WOW making money off kids!

One of the four in the (Coaches Poll) adds little to no value because the input reporting lacks participation and is said will be terminated in the next two years cycle. Yes the voters do not vote as the season goes on and the voting diminishes like the competition after a few weeks.

In the preseason everyone is exited and undefeated and by week one with a DUB, 50% of coaches remain elevated and it’s open season for rankings. As the weeks pass and the losses pile up so does that lack of energy to click and populate the current weekly coaches poll. 

In addition do the coaches really know all the teams or view 20-21 games weekly? 

Most likely NOT! 

Yes they know how their weekly opponents play but the 30 or so teams not on their schedule is what is not discussed. In reality, less because the vast majority of the teams have a layup GAMEDAY in WK1 for a morale victory! Sometimes it’s a rivalry game for kids living within the same community which is old fashioned but nice for a sense of school pride within their district. It’s easy to concede one game week given that strength in schedules dominates football polling, especially when strength in schedule dictates pecking order. Also there are not 10 solid teams in any classification.

Bottom line is that all of these algorithms are discriminatory due to the inability of analysis to construct competitive classifications and leagues. YES get rid of attendance or head count as a determination to play down. Use like competition across all sports and not make it about convenience for Athletic Directors. Schools administrators and teachers are hired for the best interests of the kids not self interests.

A close examination of all seven classes will net three or four teams continue to dominate their respective classification and adorn the trophy on the annual. Thus, when teams have a given of 5 conference games usually weeks 6-10, it becomes a scramble to identify teams that will be ranked Top 5 to put on their schedule for weeks 1-5 and non conference. Again the perceived non competitive balance occurs as the development teams or others considered annual bottom feeders rarely get opportunities for meaningful competition and games to earn credits for algorithms. If better teams schedule the less competitive it usually results in a lopsided affair. Examine the running clocks that do not develop the players like a traditional competitive contest. In some instances games are over by halftime but coaches pull the reigns so they can play tertiary players that would not obtain varsity reps versus the top teams. Also make parents and siblings happy they paid admissions to see their player get in on a series or two. Unfortunately that opens up another problem for JV. But that’s another topic for another time.

In the end a coaches poll that makes up 25% of the postseason algorithm for spreadsheets is about to get CUT! 

Great in theory but not practical. Truest fans would rather see a 10-7 loss team ranked higher than the 42-0 team. Moreover, seeing winning neighborhood teams higher up in polls and not the assembled All Star teams exploiting players and competition is what a vast majority of people want to see. Yes they are smart fans loyal to their attendance area and aware of the decades of deceit from some coaching staffs to win at all costs and circumvent the association bylaws. So maybe coaches should vote these teams further down in their poll and create a human element of cheaters never prosper. Wishful thinking and would flip some wigs if an eventual(10-0) team was not in TOP 10 position weekly in the soon to be defunct coaches Poll.

Another hot mess in 2021 to hopefully be rectified properly in 2022. While basketball received the 6A classification it’s been tabled for football. Realize 6A football is not a solution unless the group adds 7A and 8A to help 1A, 2A and 3A that have similar issues to the over emphasized current 5A.

As for future success in scheduling, put all the teams in a lottery and pick their schedules by random chance to even the playing fields. Maybe the algorithms will finally make more sense.

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