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Q: Is there a fee?

A: NO we feel content should be FREE and thus no monthly fee.

Q: How do you obtain content?

A: Mostly hard work and dedication to the Athletes and their families. There has not been a platform for FREE to have Score Board Reviews, Articles on Athletes and information readily available for FREE. Often days go by until scores are reported or the nights events recapped.

Q: May I submit my son or daughter or school?

A: ABSOLUTELY! It is FREE and  no monthly fee. We actively seek stories and are a fan of High GPAs. As or mantra is #Academia1st

Q: Do you partner with others?

A: NOT really we feel content should be FREE and unbiased. However, we use a few shared websites for scores. Often we report on athletes via their school activities. However, many outlets invite us to their activities and events so we can accurately report on that subject matter.

Q: Are you affiliated with anyone else?

A: Yes. Some of the websites under the umbrella are to help Athletes, their families and the general welfare of having fun but being educated throughout youth and High School sports. The goal is to obtain a college degree. On that note feel free to visit: #FFNL #GITG #303GONZO

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