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A better vision for Football #copreps

Are we in it together or divided is the question that needs to be addressed moving on. As many try to make things better do NOT just complain or post something on social media but make some proposals to help change the future. When you voice your opinions in a formal complaint or proposal change and hope starts to happen. A sense of what can happen is up to many of you as YOU . Each tiny step is a step in the direction of fairness and equality. The Sunday selection football committee for 5 classifications met on October 28th and for the most part the 6Man, 8Man, 1A and 2A were well constructed but the 5A was a complete mess for many high school football Connoisseurs. The much heated off-season debate of a two year realignment of 5 conferences of 6 teams, 30 teams and 1 conference of 10 teams for a total of 40 5A teams became the realities of inequity. Some have said;

"This is turning into an ugly scenario that smells of socioeconomic segregation and discrimination. Six of the L10 (Metro 10) teams are predominantly minority represented."

The Metro 10 consists of Smoky Hill 10-0, Denver East 8-2, Westminster 7-3, Prairie View 5-5, Far Northeast 4-5, Northglenn 5-5, Boulder 4-6, Mountain Range 3-7, Rangeview 1-8, Adams City.
So when the infamous RPI that determines post season playoff football it was a deal with the devil as it provided sub winning teams an opportunity to leap frog teams given conferences and their opponents.

Colorado 5A football RPI standings
A look at CHSAA’s official 5A RPI standings.
Team Record RPI Seeding
1. Valor Christian 10-0 0.718263 #1
2. Columbine 10-0 0.700169 #2
3. Cherry Creek 9-1 0.654745 #3
4. Eaglecrest 9-1 0.650275 #4
5. Grandview 9-1 0.633715 #5
6. Smoky Hill 10-0 0.622784 #17
7. Pomona 6-4 0.619473 #7
8. Ralston Valley 8-2 0.609006 #6
9. Denver East 8-2 0.598648 #24
10. ThunderRidge 8-2 0.58431 #8
11. Fairview 9-1 0.569861 #9
12. Arvada West 6-4 0.561734 #10
13. Cherokee Trail 7-3 0.558799 #11
14. Westminster 7-3 0.558281
15. Mullen 4-6 0.549942 #12
16. Castle View 7-3 0.546307 #14
17. Doherty 5-5 0.523657 #18
18. Highlands Ranch 3-7 0.518784 #15
19. Arapahoe 5-5 0.513048 #13
20. Fountain-Fort Carson 5-5 0.493102 #19
21. Far Northeast Warriors 5-5 0.487076
22. Prairie View 5-5 0.485986
23. Lakewood 3-7 0.479131 #20
24. Regis Jesuit 6-4 0.475682 #16
25. Northglenn 5-5 0.474656
26. Boulder 4-6 0.468727
27. Legend 5-5 0.461445 #23
28. Legacy 4-6 0.45907 #21
29. Poudre 4-6 0.454321 #22

As one can see the 29th team moved into the playoffs and there was considerable discussions and debate about making the at-large selection a strength of schedule #7 team with a (1-9) record the selection or the (2-8) #16 RPI team. However, the correct team in Denver East was selected as the #24th seed and the playoffs are underway on November 2nd.

Rank Team RPI Record WP OWP OOWP SOS
1 Valor Christian 0.718263 10-0-0 0.987 0.645 0.547 4
2 Columbine 0.700169 10-0-0 1 0.575 0.568 5
3 Cherry Creek 0.654745 9-1-0 0.9 0.544 0.557 8
4 Eaglecrest 0.650275 9-1-0 0.9 0.556 0.527 10
5 Grandview 0.633715 9-1-0 0.9 0.489 0.561 14
6 Smoky Hill 0.622784 10-0-0 1 0.433 0.498 34
7 Pomona 0.619473 6-4-0 0.6 0.668 0.574 1
8 Ralston Valley 0.609006 8-2-0 0.8 0.513 0.547 13
9 Denver East 0.598648 8-2-0 0.8 0.533 0.484 17
10 ThunderRidge 0.58431 8-2-0 0.8 0.454 0.542 22
11 Fairview 0.569861 9-1-0 0.9 0.381 0.492 38
12 Arvada West 0.561734 6-4-0 0.6 0.55 0.539 9
13 Cherokee Trail 0.558799 7-3-0 0.7 0.467 0.54 18
14 Westminster 0.558281 7-3-0 0.7 0.508 0.483 20
15 Mullen 0.549942 4-6-0 0.4 0.678 0.529 2
16 Castle View 0.546307 7-3-0 0.7 0.453 0.517 28
17 Doherty 0.523657 5-5-0 0.5 0.577 0.476 12
18 Highlands Ranch 0.518784 3-7-0 0.3 0.676 0.528 3
19 Arapahoe 0.513048 5-5-0 0.5 0.543 0.486 15
20 Fountain-Fort Carson 0.493102 5-5-0 0.5 0.487 0.494 23
21 Far Northeast Warriors 0.487076 5-5-0 0.5 0.467 0.501 27
22 Prairie View 0.485986 5-5-0 0.5 0.471 0.492 29
23 Lakewood 0.479131 3-7-0 0.3 0.572 0.534 6
24 Regis Jesuit 0.475682 6-4-0 0.6 0.34 0.532 39
25 Northglenn 0.474656 5-5-0 0.5 0.446 0.488 32
26 Boulder 0.468727 4-6-0 0.4 0.522 0.466 19
27 Legend 0.461445 5-5-0 0.487 0.434 0.473 37
28 Legacy 0.45907 4-6-0 0.4 0.472 0.501 25
29 Poudre 0.454321 4-6-0 0.4 0.481 0.473 30
30 Rock Canyon 0.421752 2-8-0 0.2 0.53 0.499 16
31 Overland 0.417484 1-9-0 0.1 0.613 0.475 7
32 Fossil Ridge 0.414569 3-7-0 0.3 0.441 0.494 33
33 Mountain Vista 0.40987 1-9-0 0.1 0.565 0.513 11
34 Mountain Range 0.405449 3-7-0 0.3 0.433 0.474 36
35 Horizon 0.399466 2-8-0 0.2 0.511 0.45 24
36 Rocky Mountain 0.378334 2-8-0 0.2 0.427 0.492 35
37 Rangeview 0.37681 1-9-0 0.1 0.511 0.475 21
38 Chaparral 0.362684 1-9-0 0.1 0.476 0.474 31
39 Adams City 0.337146 0-10-0 0 0.478 0.487 26
40 Douglas County 0.321687 1-9-0 0.1 0.368 0.482 40

The drama of selection will not be over as all but one team plays on Friday and the 3A and 4A chatter will commence again on Sunday as the RPI will unravel in its final posting and the algorithm calculators will go dormant until next Fall. If all this was not enough the talk of the town has been the chatter of drones. The biggest debate is similar to 2010 and schools that could afford these electronic devices. Now not only is the drone an advantage to home teams as only one is allowable in air space but the risk involved. Yes the risk is tremendous as like a helicopter flying over Mile High Stadium that was banned years ago because of the liabilities that this machine would endanger thousands of persons in attendance. The benefit to a helicopter is that it uses auto rotation that hovers at 40MPH as opposed to a drone that can drop at 100MPH like a rock off a cliff or a foul ball at a baseball game. Baseball has implemented netting and football uses modified cameras with a safe fail netting apparatus. So the debate is that anyone can purchase a drone from an online or big box retailer but can they fly it properly.
In a populated area such as a stadium the protocol is permission is needed from every single person in attendance. In addition to spectators players are at risk because at any given time the device can drop like a rock and the blades could cause a bloody mess that most likely would be fatal if the pilot is not well versed in operating the device. So technically speaking permission from all parties is needed for these devices and section 107 of the FAA has to be followed. https://www.faa.gov/uas/report_accident/

"CHSAA actually came out this year saying it's permissible to use during games,"

For details on regulations and policies about drones, visit the FAA’s website.

As for the use of the drone it violates air space and neighbors can complain by calling the local sheriffs or police departments as the aircraft needs to be properly permitted and permissions not only from the school districts but also everyone in attendance needs to agree. A call to 911 also can alert authorities especially If one person entering a contest does NOT want to have the drone being used than all operations has to cease. This is a serious safety issue in addition to an unfair advantage to the home team that often uses the drone exclusively.
Again the question is about fairness and safety while others will scoff that its about having the funds for a competitive advantage and tell others to fundraise to have one for consumption. So in 2010 it was iPads, a few years ago digital end zone clocks and now drones. If we want to even the playing field and make it equitable for all teams not just a few.

As for a better vision for Colorado Football it is time for a third party company to make sense of all the classifications and audit the algorithm details in RPI. In addition a conference representative should not be used nor a parent or anyone involved in a participating CHSAA school. If you want unbiased brackets, conferences and overall health it is time to think outside the box and get rid of the good old boy network that continues to dramatize parents annually for games that are to be fun. Instead it becomes heartbreak because the decisions are not based on the best interests of the kids but most likely revenues to fund the association and its salaried individuals. Too many decisions are impacting the game that is to be FUN. The participation is dwindling and the increase of club sports is on the rise. Wake up CHSAA, at one point many drove model T automobiles and dinosaurs ruled the region. Create a better vision for Colorado Football, a sport that officially concludes late afternoon on December 1st.

Make a Buck, what the F***!

The landscape of sports has changed dramatically in the past decade or so both in Colorado and Nationally. Every day someone is trying to make a dollar and seldom do people holler. I was asked a few weeks ago why I vehemently despise and loathe the business portion of youth and high school sports and the answer was extremely easy to answer.

"Many are in the business to make money without regard to the people they claim to help. In the sports world everyone is specializing for a price and it is for their personal gain. The overhead for a business is expensive and to pay to keep the lights on means anyone with a dollar can pay to play."

Somewhere in the past decade we as a society have deemed paying for training will be the answer to grabbing the brass ring which is a falsehood. Years ago people made fun of Marv Marinovich, a retired American football offensive guard and Strength and conditioning coach; who raised a trophy kid in Todd Marinovich. He was trained to become a quarterback by his father Marv from the day he was born. Todd played at USC and personal demons such as drug use eventually caused him to wear out his welcome at USC and he entered the NFL draft and was selected by the Raiders but had some long term issues. Todd Marinovich said,

"I had no real choice with regards to whether I would become an NFL quarterback. My father put me on that path of training to become an elite athlete, it was simply second nature. Kids need to be able to make their own decisions in terms of whether or not they want to pursue becoming a professional athlete. My dad was trying to live vicariously through me. I resorted to drug use in order to lash out which was a mistake and my downfall. My hope is others will learn from my fathers mistakes about training and that it simply cannot consume your entire life."

In 1991 Todd Marinovich was drafted in the 1st round and lasted two years after failing three drug tests.

27 years later we are talking about a young man that was a fathers mistakes about training. Yet many business’ are thriving to make you bigger, faster and stronger without much regard to what is best for the individual or the families involved. In recent years the academic standards have risen from a 2.0 to a 2.3 minimum but that is for an elite athlete but many casual athletes will pass on the books to train or attend a plethora of camps, combines, tournaments and pay to play events that include self proclaimed all star games. In the meantime the sunshine pump occurs back home and the credit card bill rises and the pressure for the high school coaches to play Mr. Wonderful. In addition all the subscription based rags are charging an annual fee to write a few articles on their subscription based clients. So yes, making a buck off kids and preying on their parents pocket books exploits way too many kids. There is no way you can focus on any one given client. The answer has been to throw a wide cast net that will inevitably work. If one out of a hundred pan out that could be considered a success on the athletic side of the business.

However, on the academic side, a school like Notre Dame or its IVY league counterparts may be a better path. These schools focus on academia and a top 5% in the classroom. So a high GPA and High ACT or SAT is more probable of being selected rather than brawn. Everyone has an opinion of a path to take but many former athletes will always say, “I am glad my path was based on life after athletics. Having an education unequivocally outweighed sports long term.”

There is no easy route or button in life. Also making a buck is not wrong if the focus is truly helping families. However, as business’ expand where is the focus? Most likely the bottom line and not the original intent  of helping kids. So for those boasting about training 60, 80, 120 or 200 kids are you really training or just chest thumping all the way to the bank and using social media to glorify it all? Yes ponder that question when college recruiting coaches walk the hallways seeking their high school coach to talk about character, on field play and then hit up the academic advisor to pull transcripts and check out course work. I bet the success stories are the kids in the building bonding with their classmates and teammates and not wearing some fancy hat or T-shirt from some PAID event that tells you how good you are if you continue to attend and pay.

BIG TIP: Save your monies by attending local Junior Days during your Junior year. (This year for 2019 graduates) Then focus on a few schools you want to attend and participate in their camps. Along with your academic advisor see how your GPA, ACT/SAT scores compare to your desired locations or college choices. Also if you want to spend monies than train your brain via a tutor to get the grades up and score well on college board exams.

Remember college coaches rely on the high school coaches and have a propensity to admire multi sport athletes. So consuming one sport for 365 days is probably another reason to rethink your future success. Also 7 on 7 is not considered a second sport nor is training for one sport year around. The body has different muscles that need to be worked out in different manners. Just as your health or PE teacher about long versus short muscles or google it. As always I am sure this topic will ruffle some feathers and some will flex their social media muscles, but honestly who cares when its the truth!

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